Presenting at CUMULUS Milan 2015.

I am very excited to announce that I will be presenting a paper this June at CUMULUS Milan 2015: The Virtuous Circle with my co-author, Joshua Singer. The conference will take place in Milan, Italy, from June 3–7, 2015. Our paper will be included in the proceedings and published by McGraw-Hill Education. We are joining a panel on Experimenting/Prototyping to discuss our approach to and consideration of ‘different data’ and critical design.


We will be sharing our individual projects, The Evolution of Silence (me) and Ad-Hoc Atlas (JS), as well as our recent collaborative work (with Dan McCafferty and Patricio Davila), Different Data Detroit, which was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) as part of DesignInquiry’s DEPE Space residency in Fall 2014.

About the conference:
Cumulus Milan 2015: The Virtuous Circle. Design Culture and Experimentation.
Design comes out of the interaction between a practice, which seeks to change the state of things, and a culture, which makes sense of this change. The way this happens evolves with time: practices and cultures evolve and so do the ways they interact; and the attention that is paid at different moments to one or other of these interacting polarities also evolves. In the current period of turbulent transformation of society and the economy, it is important to go back and reflect on the cultural dimension of design, its capacity to produce not only solutions but also meanings, and its relations with pragmatic aspects. Good design does not limit itself to tackling functional and technological questions, but it also always adopts a specific cultural approach that emerges, takes shape and changes direction through a continuous circle of experimenting and reflecting. (read more at the conference website)